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The ’00s in Music: Introduction (Origins of Insufferableness)

Monday, June 8th, 2009

I can be pretty insufferable with my musical opinions. My inclinations were validated at too early an age, and too frequently. I knew what I liked before I was aware enough to take any outside factors or opinions into consideration – except for those of my father, an avid consumer of music, novels, films, periodicals, television. Much of our bonding, now as much as when I was a child, has extended from our shared fascination by (and addiction to) the phenomenon of human creative expression. I learned very young the joys of burying myself in art at the expense of learning practical life and social skills. I am certain I was predisposed to be that way, but those genes were undoubtedly only encouraged by a childhood home filled with music and the excitement of regular trips to the record store. (more…)