Running mate announcements imminent

Apparently John McCain is expected to announce his running mate this week, to try to steal some press away from Obama’s Middle East trek. Who’s it going to be?

MY GUESS: Mitt Romney. I think it’s safe to say they still don’t like each other, but they’ve been going well out of their way to make it look like they do. Romney tanked badly in the primaries, especially considering the amount of money that went into his campaign. But he is the establishment suit the GOP have wanted in the White House, he gives a boost to McCain’s limited economic cred, and — most importantly — he could help tilt Colorado and Michigan back in McCain’s favor.

ALSO POSSIBLE: Tim Pawlenty. Doesn’t carry the Romney baggage and could help McCain win an unpredictable state, Minnesota, which currently leans Obama. Also might help Norm Coleman hold his Senate seat.

OUT: Bobby Jindal. Too young, too weird, no experience, wrong state. Won’t happen.

Obama is also apparently on the cusp of naming his running mate, though from what I gather he will wait till after McCain announces his. Who’s it gonna be?

MY GUESS: Kathleen Sebelius. No, she will not help Obama win Kansas. But she can help solidify his standing in Middle-America overall, and she is a popular Democratic governor who knows how to win in that tough part of the country. Adding a woman makes the Democratic ticket even more historic, even if it isn’t the woman we all thought we’d be getting a few months ago.

ALSO POSSIBLE: Tim Kaine. Virginia is a key state in which an Obama upset could plausibly happen, and that would be huge. Kaine could help make this happen, and he’s been a huge Obama supporter from day one. Unfortunately, should he leave the Governor’s office to take a spot as VP, Virginia’s next Gov is a Republican.

OUT: Hillary Clinton. The generation of female supporters that were supposedly going to take their bitterness over the primaries into November are almost nonexistent. Polling already shows Clinton supporters coming to terms with Obama. Hillary just doesn’t add anything to the Dem ticket at this time.

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