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Why Joe Lieberman needs to be purged from the Democratic Party

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

Essential reading at DailyKos regarding Joementum’s spectacularly dangerous and arrogant stupidity. Connecticut Democrats kicked him out of the party once, and it’s time now for Senate leadership to take similar action. We just can’t tolerate this kind of thing in an election year.

Obama and the Swing States

Friday, May 9th, 2008

For all Democrats concerned about Barack Obama’s chances in November, I have some good news: the electoral map is in our favor this year. I know that goes against what every pundit and DLC member (and your own brain if you lived through 2000 and 2004) tells you, but it’s true. As long as Barack Obama can win the states that ought to be expected to go for any Democrat, his odds at winning the general are clearly better than McCain’s. Details below… (more…)

McCain vs. Obama on foreign policy experience

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Today is a key day to test the waters and see how McCain’s campaign will come out swinging against Barack Obama, now (finally) the media-ordained Democratic nominee for President. Predictably, McCain’s been out working the “my foreign policy experience versus yours” line. I think this is a huge winner for the Democrats, as we’ve now expected it should be since at least 2003. Obama ought to take advantage and respond from a position of strength; I would suggest using the phrase, “A Foreign Policy of Responsibility.” Nothing new, I know, but this point needs to be hammered again and again. We all know the last thing Obama needs is unsolicited speechwriting. But here’s a possible example to flesh out this idea:

John McCain likes to compare his foreign policy experience to mine. Obviously the issue of the next President’s foreign policy is going to be of the most serious importance to all Americans. The stakes associated with this issue are far too high for us to reduce the debate to “Candidate A has this much foreign policy experience while Candidate B has this much.” What really matters here is: what model of foreign policy will each of us bring to the White House? John McCain brings with him a good amount of experience in the policy of ill-conceived war, and the dangerously outdated model of “act now, think later.” I’ll be the first to admit he probably has more bullet points on his resume than I do under “The Bush-Cheney version of Foreign Policy.” What I will bring to Washington is a new foreign policy, adapted to the realities of the post-September 11th and post-Iraq War world. A foreign policy of diplomacy, and dealing with terrorism as a global problem that concerns all civilized societies; a policy of strength and true homeland security, putting the safety of all Americans before political and ideological vendettas; a policy of leadership by example, to remind the rest of the world why the United States of America is to be admired, not feared. And don’t think I’ll be going it alone when I get to the Oval Office. I will be bringing with me some of the greatest minds in foreign policy, and I am not too proud to tell you I will consult with experts regardless of their political affilation when making the kinds of decisions that affect Americans at home and our brave troops overseas. Make no mistake — I will act swiftly and directly to counter any threat to our great nation. But I do not subscribe to the Bush-Cheney model of going it alone now and dealing with whatever consequences occur as a result later. I fear John McCain’s foreign policy will be a continuation of that Bush-Cheney model. Mine will be a foreign policy of responsibility.

My point here is to frame this foreign policy debate right from the get-go, because McCain is eager to harp on this and there’s really no reason it should be anything but a huge winner for Obama. Take away the frame of the GOP as the “party of adults” by contrasting the Bush/McCain foreign policy with a responsible one (and also take advantage of the opportunity to improve the media-distorted popular image of Obama’s patriotism).