New Job

Yesterday I accepted a job offer to work as a full-time “search specialist” for a company called Global Strategies Int’l. If you have no idea what that means, and you probably shouldn’t, here’s the wikipedia entry on search engine marketing. That’s the stuff I’ll be doing. This is an entirely new field in marketing, and GSI is getting a whole lot of interest right now, so this seems like a great time to jump in. Looks like I found something where I can actually get some use out of my BA in New Media (recently renamed “Interactive Media,” apparently).

I expect I’ll be very busy with this job once it starts in two weeks, and there have been early discussions about turning me into their blogger (one of my goals in life has always been to have a business card that says “search specialist/blogger”). I will probably post occasionally about the job, though there are some company things I’m sure I won’t be allowed to reveal. Don’t know much about that yet.

Anyway, next post will go back to the 2008 presidential election, and the various Republicans pursuing the oval office.

2 Responses to “New Job”

  1. deb tennen Says:

    hey rich, I’m loving this blog so far. I actually got offered a job at google to do a similar search engine marketing, more on the advertisers side though. keep on posting about it, I’d love to see how it is. also, I’m going to be relying on you for my election info, because the cnn and fox headlines about babies with three heads just aren’t cutting it for me. hope all’s well with you, and know that you have at least one blog stalker.

  2. rich Says:

    Thanks for being the first blog stalker to emerge, Deb. Cool about the Google deal — best company to work for, apparently. I’ll try to update about search marketing stuff now and then (I start Monday). Good to hear from you.